Core Technology

PLATFORMedia is pioneering the application of cutting– edge advances in artificial intelligence and distributed processing with a patent– pending technology that encompasses unique developments in two core technologies.

Concept Search

PLATFORMedia ’s Concept Search technology enables computer users to find and retrieve valuable information “hidden” on their local drives, the Corporate Intranet and/or the Internet. The technology is unique in analysis depth and scope compared to alternative data mining tools – training PCs to act as “intelligent assistants” able to run complex “search by concept” queries by themselves through various data stores, generating new search ideas and refining the search capability in the process. (Much more information here…)

Our application automatically builds a “mental map” of the concepts that each user is interested in, using advanced technology – based on statistical inference, natural language processing and optimization techniques – and benefits the user by unleashing the “unused” processing power of the PC.

Distributed (P2P) Computing

The peer– to– peer computing paradigm is coming of age, sparked by the ground– breaking success of BitTorrent.

PLATFORMedia has developed a practical, scalable parallel computation environment.  Using our peer– to– peer solution, clients can negotiate and share expert knowledge and spare processing power across their corporate networks (Intranet) to solve business– critical problems, such as large– scale simulations, financial modeling, data– mining, and optimization problems. (Much more information here…)

20 October 2009